The Secret To Writing 10,000 Words A Day

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I always find it fascinating to read how authors write. I've seen authors pull out their statistics and some of them get the bulk of their book done in just a few hundred words a day. Others write a couple of thousand words a day. But 10,000 words a day? That's a new one and I just had to know the secret! - Karen

How many words do you put on the page in a typical writing session?

500? 1,000?

When I wrote my novel, Emma Jean's Bad Behavior, my deal with myself was to write 2,000 words a day. Didn't matter when I wrote them, but if I hadn't written them before bedtime, I had to stay up until they were done.

I was delighted to produce 2,000 words a day, let me tell you. But how about routinely writing 10,000 words in a writing session?

Apparently, it can be done.

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Credit: Jerry Bunkers on Flickr

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