The Blessing and Curse of Being Raised by a Great Mom

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Editor's Note: Being raised by an amazing mom is a fantastic thing. But as Ashley at I Love Your More than Carrots has found out the hard way, it often means that the bar for mothering is set awfully high. Maybe that's not a bad thing exactly, but it can put a lot of pressure on a mom. It sounds like Ashley is doing just fine. What about you? Do you ever find yourself trying to live up to the memories your mom made with you when you were a child? -Jenna

See Mom? I Do Fun Things:

My mother is always asking me "What did you do with Carter today?" " Did you read him books? "Sing him songs?" "Take him here?" as if I wouldn't or don't do these things with him. As if I just sit him down in front of the TV day in and day out and let Super Why teach him.

My mother makes me laugh.

I know she means no harm with these questions. It's just that she was so incredible when it came to stimulating, engaging and cultivating both my brother and me that she sets the bar rather high. Not to mention that my brother and I were basically born a lifetime eight years apart so she was able to spend quite a chunk of quality time with each of us one-on-one without having to drag the other one along.

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