Sell at Home Parties: Love Them or Hate Them?

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[Editor's Note: You open the mail/email and see the (dreaded) invitation. It's for a "fillintheblank" home party! Come and be with all your friends and get a chance to see the latest line of "fillintheblank" at special party-only savings as you help your host earn something cool. You either love these parties or hate them. If you are someone who is in a party-based business, here's some valuable customer feedback for you in the form of a horror story... - Paula G]

How Do You Really Feel About Sell At Home Parties?

I was invited to one of those sell-at-home parties yesterday. Seven girls were supposed to go, and four ended up cancelling last minute–meaning it was just me, one other girl and the hostess of the party. (Plus the lady actually selling the jewelry).

When I originally RSVP’d, I had every intent of not purchasing anything.

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Sell at home parties

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