Sevenly Uses Pinterest to Sell Shirts and Raise Money for Charity

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Anna Washenko, writing at sproutinsights tells the story of how one company (Sevenly) is using Pinterest to sell shirts. But that's not the important part of the story. Each shirt sold raises $7 for a charity. The charity changes each week. The goal is to raise a million dollars this way. The story of how the company is using Pinterest can help anyone who wants to understand how to engage an audience and use a tool like Pinterest to further a cause. Find out what Sevenly is doing. Anna writes,

The company has had great success in harnessing social media to spread awareness of its causes. Pinterest has been particularly effective in contributing to the company’s sales. We spoke with Ryan Wood, Sevenly’s relationship manager, about how the company created its Pinterest strategy and what this social media site can offer other cause-based organizations.

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