Sew a Bra That Fits You

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[Editor's Note: I have never been professionally fitted for a bra but I hear it can be a life altering experience. Every time I hear of someone being fitted they realize they have been wearing the wrong size bra for years. This is exactly what happened to Novita from A Very Purple Person. Most people would run out to Victoria's Secret and call it a day, but not this sassy seamstress. Just like a throw pillow, purse or ruffled baby bloomers you can sew your bra and panties set. - Jen]

Blue and white lace set (Danglez DB5)

Novita had this to say about her spiffy new bra: "I’m extremely happy with this new bra. So this is how it is supposed to feel! Sewing a pair of bra is not difficult, the problem is always finding the right fit. Right now I feel that I’m at the closest point to the perfect fitting bra that possible. ”

Blue and white lace set (Danglez DB5)


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