Sexism, Gender Equality, and Dish Detergent

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[Sexism can be directed at either sex, as Jenn Schiffer from Pancake Theorem discovered when out shopping with her dad. She has some excellent advice for all of us about how we should deal with issues of sexism. It's all wrapped up in a story about her dad and some dish detergent. -Virginia]

Being a woman in technology, today, it’s hard thinking about that story while constantly having to answer the “are you offended by this” question whenever some tech event or mouthpiece says something that excludes women. It seems to be happening a lot, and the responses to women’s feeling are generally supportive or otherwise include the classic “oh, we didn’t mean to offend” rationale. Unlike my dad’s situation, we never get coupons in the mail. The lack of a proper apology is usually what I am most offended by, not the offending comment itself.

washing dishes
washing dishes by hazure via Flickr

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