The Sexualization of Dakota Fanning

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[Editor's Note: Oh, my. Is that Dakota Fanning on the February cover of Elle UK? With her sultry gaze and pouty red lips, I hardly recognized the child star. And what’s with the Marc Jacobs ad for Oh, Lola! where the 17-year-old actress posed with a large perfume bottle between her legs? The ad was so sexually over-the-top that it was banned in the UK. Yet Clara Vaz at Fem2.0 argues that we shouldn’t be surprised by the teenage star’s provocative new image.--Mona]

She writes:

Marc Jacobs also knows a thing or two about the fashion industry and its overuse of underage girls to showcase the latest designs and how this glorification of youthful, rail thin women has pervaded mainstream society, making us all a little teen crazy. The design team also knows about the multi-million dollar porn industry concentrated on teens, and our insatiable desire to remain young, youthful, full of giddy life. Cue the pink bubbly music and capricious sexuality. So if Marc Jacobs knows all this about what we want (and what we are told to want), then why is it such a shock that young talent such as Dakota are also willing to dish it out? Remember, she’s a brand as well.

What do you think? Is Fanning too young to be posing for Cosmo? Is she being shamelessly exploited or is she just doing what actresses need to do?

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