Sharing The 'Mess' Of Our Lives

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Sharing the mess of our lives - not just the shiny parts - with our friends can be difficult. After all, who doesn't want to be that person who has it all together? But in the end, it's those 'broken' parts that makes us human and allow us to connect on a deeper level. Treat yourself to reading the full post which is beautiful and inspiring:

"I open a door into my mess and the women I know and the ones who read here can exhale. So even though I wondered if God would give me something super spiritual to say on Saturday, He just shook His head and told me to keep doing in real life what I’ve been doing over here – open the door to your mess and let other people in. I am convinced that the shortest distance between strangers and friends is a shared story about our broken places."


Messy Lives


Image credit: clizbiz via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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