She Threw a Tantrum in Target -- and It's Okay!

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Editor's Note: Kids throw tantrums. End of discussion. So why do we, as parents, freak out when those tantrums happen in a public place? Heather at Amateur Parenting shared a recent public meltdown scenario, proving that parents can survive the woe of public humiliation brought on by toddler antics. It will be okay. She promises. -Jenna

She Cried in Target and I Didn’t Care:

You don’t know how many times I see kids throwing a fit about a toy or sweet treat and parents freeze up. It’s like they immediately feel judged by the complete strangers surrounding them. And yes, it sucks to feel all those stares like I’m doing something wrong but you have to keep the focus on your child. Kids need to be told no and you don’t always have to give them a reason. Kids express feelings through tantrums and crying. How would you like it if whenever you were frustrated, everyone around you just tried to bribe you or pacify you? The more you just shut your kids up, the more they were internalize their tantrums.

Tantrum in Target
Credit: table4five.

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