Sheen Weighs in on Ashton Kutcher's Record-Breaking Two and a Half Men Debut

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[Editor's Note: I'm note sure who's got Charlie Sheen by the short hairs, but he sure is behaving himself lately.  Here's what he had to say after his character unceremoniously "exploded like a bag of meat" in this season's premier episode thus ending his life, and Sheen's run on the show...]

Charlie Sheen was one of the record 27.8 million people who watched Ashton Kutcher‘s hotly anticipated Two and a Half Men debut performance last week, and the former star of the show, who was infamously fired from his role as Charlie Harper...opened up about Ashton’s premiere.

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“It was a big night for everybody on Monday night — for Two and a Half, for us, for me,” Charlie told Access Hollywood. “I think everybody won. I thought the show was really good. I thought [Ashton] was terrific.”

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