Confessions of a Mom With Postpartum Anxiety

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Editor's note: Just about everyone's heard of postpartum depression, but postpartum anxiety is also prevalent among new moms. Here's how one mom named Katie is learning to cope—through therapy, by trying to accept what she can't control, and by acknowledging that she will probably always worry about her kids, at least a little. – Judy

It was clear from the first day that a huge part of my anxiety was about control. I could not control what happened to my child, so I was anxious. I couldn’t control his breathing or his airway clearance at night. I couldn’t control what happened at daycare. I would stay awake at night thinking about what I would say if I had to tell everyone that my child had died. I would imagine car accidents whenever I closed my eyes, imagine finding him not breathing when I walked into a room. My imagination was constantly coming up with new horrors. It was exhausting.

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