Shock and Awe (Or "Aw...Really?")

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Months ago--I know, it feels like much longer--General Hospital started to hint at some deep secret Silas was carrying with him and we all thought "What are the odds that the writers get distracted by something even less interesting before they ever get around to revealing said deep secret?" "I am already so entertained by Silas circa 2013, and now I get to find out what entertaining shenanigans he got up to in the early 90s? Let me make sure my DVR is set to record this!" And then the tragic secret of his tragic wife was revealed, to the complete indifference delight of the audience, who fast forwarded through every single mention of his wife and her family, which basically reduced the show to thirteen minutes per week hoped that it wasn't asking too much to request more Nina, always, and--fingers crossed--could she be ALIVE because really, think of how golden it would be to watch this character (who literally exists only offscreen like Maris Crane) have dramatic and hopefully prolonged reunions with her loved ones--and enemies, amirite? Well, punch me in the face it's our lucky day, because Nina is ALIVE and PLAYED BY MICHELLE STAFFORD. . . .

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