Should We Really Call It "Food Addiction"?

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In her Neurotic Physiology blog, Scicurious takes a long, hard look at overeating and obesity. She questions the idea of food addiction and how it matches up with ideas of substance addition, all from her scientific viewpoint. She suggests:

... we are dealing with a small portion of the obese population. The vast majority of overweight or obese people do not binge eat, or even eat that much more than normal weight counterparts.

heath food?
Health Food? by Colros (Flickr).

The increased availability of food, decreases in physical activity, and other environmental influences are more than enough to create excess weight without addiction-style eating. When we talk about people who are exhibiting food addiction-like behavior, we are generally talking about people specifically who binge eat.

Read the rest of her post at Neurotic Physiology here.

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