Should You Attach Allowance to Chores?

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[Editor's Note: My eight-year-old gets an allowance of $2 a week. I seem to care more about this allowance than my husband, so I've decided not to attach it to specific chores, even though she still has to do them. My theory is that this is beginning economics and I just want her to grasp the concept of using her *own* money for stuff. So far, it's working -- she has a jar out and a goal of $50 by the end of the year amassed via allowance, extra chores, and money made cat-sitting for the neighbor -- and she's killing it. Heligirl explains how she handles allowance at her house. Check it out. -Rita]

How to Manage Allowance

When to start is a family decision. I agree with some positive discipline folks who say preschool isn’t too soon. Here’s why. My 3-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter watch Sesame Street. They watched Elmo do chores and save up for a toy he wanted. At the same time, as we take them to the store to choose birthday gifts for friends (or heck, any time we take them to the store) they’re starting to ask for things. Then my daughter announced over the summer, “I could work for the money and save it.”

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