Should You Start Sharing a Nanny?

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I never considered a nanny, because unless you have tons of kids, they don't make a ton of sense in a smaller city. However, I know plenty of big-city friends who find nannies more prevalent and affordable than institutional or home daycare. But ANY kind of full-time childcare -- especially infant care -- is ridiculously expensive, often to the tune of more than $1,000 a month. Would it make sense for you to share a nanny with another family? Kathleen discusses the ins and outs of sharing a nanny in this informative post.

She writes:

What happens on sick days? Most families will agree that fever, vomiting, or diarrhea are all illnesses that should cancel the share for the day. But what about the nanny? Will she care for the sick child? The healthy child? What if the healthy child doesn't live in the home where the care is provided? Families need to be very frank with each other, BEFORE the situation arises, as to how this will be handled.

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