Co-parenting: Does Your Ex Need to Know if You're Dating?

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Editor's Note: In this post, Mandy at Since My Divorce tackles an important question about dating after divorce when you're co-parenting: whether or not you need to tell your ex that you have started dating again.

My initial reaction was that what you do dating is not any of your ex's business but I quickly scrubbed that as I thought about your kids meeting your dates.

"Co-parenting is not always easy" via Shutterstock.

I think having a dialogue with your ex around dating is a valid and legitimate discussion to set out expectations and guidelines for how your dating might affect the children. I would imagine the topic is covered in some parenting agreements -- it's not in mine. I suggested to the reader that he could come up with a "dating manifesto" to share with his ex. I see it as a commitment to both his children and his ex, as a co-parent.

Read Mandy's key points to include in your "dating manifesto" at Since My Divorce.

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