Fasting Diets: Do They Work?

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Editor's note: "Fasting diets" are all the rage these days, which got me wondering: Do they work? And what are the long-term health effects? In this post, two nutritionists explain the basics of fasting diets and the available research on the subject. Here's a a sneak peek at what you'll learn. – Judy

Alternate day fasting generally combines a “feast day” where food is consumed abundantly, followed by a “fast day” where calories are severely restricted.Proponents of the diet state that multiday fasts and meal skipping turns off fat storing mechanisms and turns on fat burning systems. Supporters further claim that alternate day fasting is easier than reducing overall calories because most people become tired of dieting and enjoy having a "feast day" as part of their eating regimen. They contend this makes dieting manageable.

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