Thoughts on Siblings and Spacing and the Gift of Each Other

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[Editor's Note: Our boys are two years and one week apart and some people think we're crazy. We are, but that's not the reason behind our decision to have our kids that close. It was a complex decision that involved my health and the ages of our siblings -- eight years on either side of my husband and myself. We wanted something different. We got different for sure! Erika at Namammaste shares her reasons behind their closely-spaced kiddos which are as individual as any family. What were your reasons for spacing as you did? -Jenna]

Siblings: A Gift to Each Other:

Siblings“The best gift you can give them… Each other!”

My friend Heather made this comment on the above picture when Hubby posted it on Facebook the day after Littlest One’s birth. I have trouble explaining our thoughts on their small gap in age any other way. They are two years and two months apart in age. Exactly what we wanted.

Every family has their own thoughts on the ideal separation in age between siblings. For some it’s 18 months, while others need at least five years. According to our family doctor, the “ideal” is 2.5-3 years. I have no idea what that’s based on and I find it interesting that someone thought it was worth the research, but it is what it is: a recommendation. Though, as with anything, there are plenty of suggestions, there is no universal right or wrong answer; only what works for each individual family.

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