Signs Your Children Might Be Ready to Attend Sleep Away Camp

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[Editor's Note: I loved sleep away camps when I was younger. I'd love some now! For me, not my kids. Someday, they will get to go too. Until then, I'm bookmarking this list of signs your child might be ready for sleep away camp by Sellabit Mum. She may have meant some of these in a tongue-in-cheek way, but I bet they apply to your kids. If so, send 'em off! When did you first send your children to an overnight-or-longer camp? -Jenna]

Are Your Kids Ready for Sleep Away Camp:

CIMG3340.JPGIn case you were wondering if perhaps your child is ready for their first sleep-away camp -- I’ve made this handy checklist for your reference:

1. Does your child ignore you when you call their name to come in for dinner?

2. Does your child leave toys out all over the house every single day?

3. Does your child not pick-up said toys without you asking 45 times?

4. Does your child pick fights with his siblings causing WWF activity in your living room?

5. Does your child now eat more than a 280 pound Sumo wrestler causing your grocery bill to soar?

Be sure to read the rest of her humorous list and why she decided to send her kids this year.

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