Similar Projects: Where is the Line Between Copying and Creating?

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[Editor's Note: Information moves so quickly on the Internet that it's often difficult to pinpoint where you first saw an idea.  Was it divine inspiration or was it triggered by someone else's post?  Decor Adventures expresses her discomfort over the difference between creating and copying.  She feels especially guilty when she gets a lot of hits on a post where she got the idea for the project off of someone else's blog (though where did they get it from?). --Mel]

I've realized that while sure I can glue gun with the best of them, and the projects are amazing, the ideas aren't mine.

As someone who loves design {and loves reading blogs} this is hard thing for me to swallow. I've even contemplated writing this post for fear of what y'all with think.

If I stop making other people's projects will I ever make anything good myself? Will I think of my own projects? Can I be unique? Do I need to stop reading so many blogs and do some creative soul searching?

Do you have a problem with bloggers building off another blogger's ideas?  Would you stop reading blogs in order to not be influenced by another blogger's thoughts?

Photo Credit: Craft Project via Shutterstock.

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