Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes

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Poor Nail Wheel Wednesday, pushed out of its rightful place so soon after its return from hiatus. But Texture Week takes priority, and today I have some Skittles swatches of Sinful Colors' entry into the texture arena, the eight-shade Crystal Crushes collection. This hit stores for Holiday 2013; my drugstore rounds in the last couple weeks tell me that a few Rite Aid and Walgreens stores still have some stock left, even if the display is no longer up—earlier today I saw a bottle sitting all alone between other brands' displays at a Rite Aid.Instead of my usual bottle shot, I'm going to recycle my display photo, as it shows all eight colors: Blue Persuasion (dark blue), Got a Blush on You (deep berry red), Emerald Envy (medium green), Treasure Chest (blue green), Ruby Mine (orange red), Face the Facets (yellow), Purple Gleam (medium purple), and Orange Crush (orange).My Skittles only have seven colors, as when it came time to swatch this collection, Orange Crush was nowhere to be found. . . .

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