Back to School Etiquette: What Not to Say to a Working Mom

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[Editor's Note: Ah, back to school. As if the whole thing didn't come with enough schedule upheaval in and of itself, working moms have to deal with people saying stupid things about them and their lives on top of it all. Hello Ladies recently shared six stupid things you shouldn't say to a working mom as school gears back up -- and the one thing that she'd love to hear you say. I think we can all agree on her final point. -Jenna]

Six Things Not to Say to a Working Mom (and the One Thing She'd Love to Hear), Back to School Edition:

IMG_1498So even with the fabulous school calendar and long-term planning, there will be some anxiety this school year. And there may be tears. After all, the art show is still to-be-scheduled and the musical theatre instructors may wait until the last minute to let me know my kid needs to wear a mint green t-shirt in the performance. And so you may hear me, and working mothers across the country, complain from time-to-time about managing work, life and school. When that happens, please do not respond with any of the following:

Six things not to say to a working mother

Do you have to work?

First of all, that’s none of your business. Second of all, it’s completely irrelevant. Some women enjoy working. But if you mean, do I have to work from 2 – 2:30 on Wednesday when the class is decorating gingerbread houses? Yes, I have a meeting with my boss at that time. Otherwise, I’d try to rearrange my schedule…again.


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