Six Words That Could Make a Difference for Your Child

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[Editor's Note: It's hard to watch our kids go through struggles, to know that they're going through something but not be able to fix it or do much more than be there, be supportive. At The Dose of Reality, Ashley told a story of how her daughter was having a rough year and how she, as a mom, chose six little words to help her daughter, if only from the sidelines. The good news? It worked. -Jenna]

Six Little Words:

SIXI wanted Emma to know that I was on her side. I wanted her to know that I was in her corner. I wanted her to know that even when she didn’t know it, I knew that she was amazing. I found a book called “I Believe In You”, and I bought it for her. I wrote on the inside and left it on her pillow. We read it together that night before bed and have read it many nights since, and I hoped that the message in the pages was sinking in.

In her lunchbox each day I included a note. I always ended it with the same sentence…

Remember that I believe in you.

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