SlutwalkNYC: A John Lennon Song Strikes A Chord of Racism

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[Editor’s note: Last week, while I wasn’t paying attention, the Brooklyn police did something really stupid. In lieu of tracking down a rapist, they told women on the street to not dress so slutty. Interestingly, this happened to coincide with NYCSlutwalk. Whose message, alas, got scrambled when a young white feminist held up a sign with a racist term referring to a John Lennon/Yoko Ono song. (It's complicated.) Which then set off a flurry of discussions in the blogosphere about racism, feminism, and why some women of color dislikeSlutWalk.

I told you it was complicated.

In any case Coco Papy at WIMN’s Voices has a terrific take on the incident and the soul-searching it generated.--Mona]

She writes:

While the corporate press published quite a few high-profile attacks on SlutWalk in the mode of what I discussed above, unfortunately the media has muted the valid criticisms Slutwalk has received from women of color in regards to the privilege required to use the word “Slut” as a rallying cry. Groups like Black Women’s Blueprint, Af3rm The Crunk Feminist Collective and writers such as Aura Blogando, Keli Goff, Stephanie Gilmore and many others have argued that Slutwalk continues a larger marginalization of the bodies and voices of women of color.


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Read more from Slutwalk: The Media, The Message and The Gaze at WIMN's Voices


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