So Much for a "Cushy Lifetime Job"

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If you dare speak out against administrator wrongdoing, not only can you get your ass fired, you can wind up in the jailhouse.That is if you are a teacher.Freedom of speech or whistleblowing isn't allowed in education. Can't embarrass our betters up the career ladder.Somehow I missed this teacher's story back in April: Lydia Howrilka, 24, of the Academy for Language and Technology HS, was fired last July by Principal Arisleyda Urena, who called her ineffective.Howrilka sued and filed a complaint alleging Urena improperly raffled off iPads and other costly prizes for kids. The claim prompted a DOE probe.Howrilka sent an e-mail asking about her treatment to Urena and Chancellor Carmen Fariña — and to some 40 other city and state education officials and city politicians.She got a call from the NYPD asking her to surrender on Urena’s charge of aggravated harassment. . . .

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