Do You Love Hating People on Facebook?

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Editor's Note: The (Not So) Special Mother has a great post about the feeling of social isolation that comes from overusing social media that segues into a familiar phenomenon with Facebook: it makes you hate people you used to like. People's status updates start getting under your skin, and neighbours and family members who were easy enough to like when you didn't know how they felt about the president or religion are now making you seethe with anger every time you open your Facebook page. --Mel

I hated people before, you know. Long ago. I was a bitter, hateful youth. Then I sort of mellowed out. Well, a little, anyway. I can usually ignore people who really annoy me. But with Facebook, I can’t ignore them. It’s like I’m drawn to the annoying-ness, then I get some sort of pleasure complaining about it. How sick is that?! No–how sad is that?

Is Facebook ruining your relationships with some people even as it helps you keep in touch with others?


Image: Zeeweez via Flickr

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