Social Media, Adoptees and the Importance of Openness

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For adoptive families who prefer to live in the age of secrecy, the Internet provides a problematic tool. The truth is that it is now easier than ever to find people. With just a few finger strokes and a miniscule amount of knowledge, long-lost people pop up on the screen. While some families prefer to just avoid the issue altogether, adoptive mom Rebecca Hawkes of Love Is Not a Pie points out that this is a prime example of why openness is a good thing.

She shares her reasoning:

Shocked TeenAnother topic that was discussed during Karen Cheyney's presentation at ACONE's Adoption Conference this Saturday was the problematic issue of tech-savvy adopted kids making contact with biological families without the adoptive parents' knowledge. In today's world of social networking, it is often fairly easy for tweens and teens to find biological parents online. For me, this is one more reason why it is important for adoptive parents to build real-life, positive relationships with birth parents whenever possible, and as early as possible. It also highlights the importance of creating an atmosphere of acceptance in the home so that the adoptee will feel comfortable talking to the adoptive parents about the first family.

Because here's the thing: most adoptees are going to have a desire to reach out to the biological family at some point. It is natural for adopted children to desire a connection to their roots and sooner or later they are likely to seek that connection ... with or without the adoptive parents' support. If you are an adoptive parent, wouldn't you rather be involved?

Open adoption allows the connection to biological family to occur in a safe, supervised manner, with the involvement of the adoptive parents.

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