Finding the Courage to Write My Unbloggable Topic: Adoption Disruption

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[Editor's Month: While it's still National Adoption Awareness month, I thought that shedding light on the topic of adoption disruption was important. Adoption isn't always a fuzzy, warm, rainbow-ending of a story. Immediate Mom was brave enough to share the story of how her daughter found her forever home in their family -- and the journey she had to endure to get there. It's heartbreaking. It's hard to read, to comprehend. But it's important to know about, and I thank Immediate Mom for finding the courage to write about her "unbloggable topic." -Jenna]

Something I've Never Blogged About Before:

The adoption of our daughter at the age of 11 just last summer could possibly be the most significant thing I've done in my life, rivaled only by coming to a saving knowledge of Christ in my twenties, and marrying my husband nearly a decade ago.

But somewhere out there is another woman who had the chance to feel that way before me, and blew it. BIG. TIME. And I'm not talking about K's birthmother...

I have little information, and even fewer hard facts, but what I do know makes me sick to my stomach over what happened to the girl who is now ours to protect forever.

I encourage you to continue reading her post to understand the effects that adoption disruption can have on a child and a family.

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