Good Enough: Moms -- and Dads -- Finding Balance

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[Editor's Note: Balance is hard for many families, for moms and dads (and kids!) alike. Kat at Living Like the Kings recently wrote about how sometimes things work right, sometimes they don't; sometimes it's about work, sometimes it's about home; sometimes dad makes sacrifices, sometimes mom makes sacrifices... all coming to the point that sometimes good enough is good enough. Can I get an amen for Kat? -Jenna]

Sometimes Good Enough Is Good Enough:

Balancing on Steel I read articles. Articles on women who struggle for the balance. They struggle for perfection. They talk about wanting it all – a career and to be a full time mom. They talk about how hard it is and how different it is. And believe me, on many many levels I agree with them. I struggle with it too. But so do men. My point of view is that we choose to give more to one of the other just like men do. They too have to choose to work late or come home and spend some time with their kids. On that respect, I find that this is an equally difficult situation.

Overall, I guess that sometimes things just have to be “good enough.” I’ve come to terms with the fact that I want to be a working mom and that means that sacrifices will have to be made.


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