Sometimes It Pays to Be Last: Lessons from a Girl Running a Race

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Editor's Note: I read this post by Andi at cerebral palsy, but it doesn't define who she is, what she can accomplish. I think we should all strive to be the same, to teach our kids the same, no matter our lot in life. Go read and be encouraged -- and give Sarah Kate some love in the comments. -Jenna

Sometimes It Pays to Be Last:

I could see spectators crossing the track up ahead – no doubt they thought all of the runners were finished - and then heard the announcer on the intercom, calling attention to the “princesses” still on the track. Random strangers began to notice them.

And then she tripped and fell.

I grabbed her and pulled her up and told her to keep going. She ran a short distance further and tripped again. I pulled her up a second time and offered to hold her hand, then thought better of it and asked if she’d like to hold Lauren’s hand. She reached out and grabbed Lauren’s hand, and they took off together.

Pays to Be Last
Photo courtesy the author.

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