Son Was Admitted To a Summer Program

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An update to this post: Pondering College Summer Programs: my older son was accepted. He will fly away on his own to another state to take a three week college course for 3 college credits while living in the campus dorms.Our hope is that he will get a sense for what aerospace engineering is like and he can see if it's something he really wants to pursue.Last week after talking face to face with the admissions officer for the third time, my son stated he is now considering a different major at that same college. My response was it is alright to change your mind now and it's also alright to change majors after you are enrolled at college, that 70% of college students change their majors.This three week stay will also give my son an idea if he wants to go to that college at that campus and maybe also if he's open to other colleges in that state.He's really excited about attending the summer program. . . .

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