#SOSVenezuela: Yesterday’s #22M march

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#22M Caracas: Stunning aerial photo of the march, cortesy @adrianegea pic.twitter.com/15Pb0TLKjo @Debber66 @janie_austin @DaveWallaceUS — Cristancha (@Tanchamovil) March 23, 2014 [Update] Better yet view from a done, via Daniel, 3 More Deaths in Venezuela as Both Sides March Related: Venezuela’s protests Inside the barrios Support among the poor for the government of Nicolás Maduro is conditional Armed civilian gangs, loyal to the “revolution” and known euphemistically as colectivos, act as community enforcers. “The majority are criminals,” says José Quintero, an opposition activist from ProCatia, a non-governmental organisation, “and they are armed to the teeth.” Since the conflict turned violent in mid-February, alleged members of the colectivos have been filmed and photographed using firearms against protesters. Acting in concert with security forces, they are accused by the opposition of several deaths (which they deny). . . .

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