Sounds That Used to Be Sexy... Now Aren't

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Oh, how our homes grow and change over the years. What starts out as our quiet first apartment morphs into our first shared space with our partner and, from there, into the space where our families run and play and create and make messes. The noises change too, as Kim at Let Me Start by Saying points out in a funny post.

Well, maybe her point is that the noises stay the same, but what makes those noises is what changes.

25:365As the years pass and the couple becomes a family, the household activities change.

But the sounds around a home don’t.

Sexy Sounds That Totally Aren’t What They Used to Be

1. Repeated Creaking of a Bed = Kid jumping on the bed.

2. High-pitched Oh! Oh! Oh! = The last few moments of a coveted eBay item being watched in the hopes of a winning bid.

Photo Credit: vintagechica.

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