Speaking Up About The Crimes Committed In The Name Of The Poncho

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[Editor's Note: Look, I absolutely believe that people have the right to dress how they please, and to dress solely for themselves. Screw what anyone else things. But there ARE fashion crimes that are so inexcusable, that something MUST be said. Fortunately, we have Alexandra from Good Day, Regular People to help us all figure out one very confusing piece of clothing that's suddenly back in style: The Poncho. Don't let these mistakes be yours!—Stacy]

I've seen it in broad daylight.

Too many crimes of this type being committed.

On really nice women.

Today, I spotted 5 within 3 minutes. That's one sighting every 36 seconds.

magnifying glass

Credit Image:milele via Flickr

Finally, this week, on someone who shops at our neighborhood grocery store.

Poncho-wearing crimes.

I have never brought up a controversial topic on my site: but this. This is something I can no longer stand by and watch well-intentioned women do to themselves.

Oh, they want this look to work: I see the hope in their eyes. It is their genuine, puppy-like eagerness to fashion please that has me using my blog today for the public good.

Poncho sins no mo'. Dear shrug-wearing sister, take note: lest you become a victim of a carnivorous blanket. Or, worse yet: an unaware member of the dishrag-wearing movement. Here is everything you need to know about the wearing of this garment that also once graced the bodies of Andean beauties.

Poncho Wearing 101

1. Keep your look balanced. BIG poncho? You need slim bottoms: leggings, skinny jeans, straight lined skirts. Anything but the triple tiered Ma Ingalls.

2. Your poncho should be no shorter in length than the bottom of a properly supported breast.

C'mon! Now you KNOW you have to read the rest, so CLICK HERE.

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