Got a Bumper Crop of Basil? Make Spicy Sriracha Salmon-Basil Burgers

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Editor’s note: Cooking on the Weekends’ Valentina got a windfall of fresh basil last week, thanks to her dad, whose garden was full of the fragrant stuff. She had so much, in fact, that she had to get creative, which is when she got the inspiration for Spicy Sriracha Salmon-Basil Burgers. Just throw fresh salmon and basil in a food processor and then combine with lemon zest, lemon juice, scallions, and (our favorite) Sriracha. Form into patties and throw on the grill for an inventive outdoor dinner. --Jane

You have my dad to thank for all of the gorgeous basil we’ve been cooking with all week. You see there’s a lot going on in his garden right now. The tomatoes vines are thriving with new growth, the plum tree is full with ripe, succulent fruit, the peaches will be the perfect color and ready to pick in a few weeks, and the basil pots are overflowing with vibrant, soft, green leaves. So when my dad brought me a huge bag of freshly picked basil a few days ago, I couldn’t let too much time pass before I cooked up a storm with it.

Spicy Sriracha Salmon-Basil Burger
Image: Courtesy of Cooking on the Weekends

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