Liven Up Your Meals With Spicy Tomato Pickle

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[Editor's Note: I always have spicy mango pickle in my refrigerator (well, until the other night, when I finished off my current jar), but until I saw this recipe, I'd never heard of spicy tomato pickle, which is a similar Indian condiment. It sounds incredible: hot from chilies, sweet from the tomatoes, and vinegary from pickled tamarind. I would love to whip up a batch to serve alongside Indian food in my own home. --Genie]

Spicy Tomato Pickle

Tomato pickle has been an important part of my childhood holidays. With two of my aunts making it (they have different recipes), I remember scooping up the bright coloured spicy sour pickle with crispy dosas and savouring it with good old plain curd rice. As we children sat around the table eagerly waiting with anticipation for our plates to be filled, the bottle of this magnificent coloured pickle lying on the table always brought solace to me with the knowledge that breakfast or lunch would never be a dull affair with it as an accompaniment.

Spicy Tomato Pickle

Image Credit: Divine Taste, used by permission.

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