Squeaky Time!

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For those of you not following me on Instagram (bythebrooke88), I thought you might want to see Zuzu demonstrate exactly how the Wee Squeak shoes work: Amazing, right?But seriously you should have seen her face when she tried them on in the store and realized that she was making that noise every time she took a step. It was pure delight. We'll see how long the squeakers last at home--will definitely depend on how Cooper reacts to shoes that sound just like his toys.Anyway, in case you are looking for your own pair of Wee Squeaks, they actually e-mailed me (It's a small, family-owned company and they sent me an e-mail from a real person, not a generic e-mail) to let me know that they're having a great sale this weekend--an extra 25% off clearance prices! . . .

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