Stacking the Deck in Candy Land & Other Tips to Survive Kids' Board Games

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Board games -- ugh. More specifically: kids' board games -- double ugh. I was so excited when my sons were old enough to play board games... until I realized that playing these games as an adult was some kind of wicked torture. I actually now think my parents were saints for playing Trouble with me as much as they did. Kate at And Then Kate recently rated everything from Candy Land to Trouble, complete with an adult scream factor.

Not only is this funny, it's just really useful stuff. Trust me. Check out what she says about good ol' Candy Land:

31.365 - Candy LandCANDY LAND

Mini-description: Timeless, sugary-themed favorite of every parent out there except for all of them

Invented by: A far-thinking dentist with dreams of early retirement

Best played: By stacking the deck; look, it’s that Princess Frostine again! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT.

Scream factor, judged on scale of 1-10, where 1 is “I could play this all day” and 10 is “Imma sell my kid”: 5

Read more from I find that adding graffiti to Gumdrop Pass helps a bit. A comeuppance, if you will. at and then kate


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