Step Away, Mom, and Let Her Learn!

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[Editor's Note: As a mom, do you struggle with letting your kids learn to do things on their own? I worked on it a bit this summer, letting the kids fold some laundry. Know what? They did just fine. Theresa at Red Oak Road finds herself struggling to let the kids do things on their own, like she's shirking her responsibility as a mom. But she learned a good lesson this summer, and so did her daughter. -Jenna]

Step Away, Mom:

jenny and waterproof cameraThis summer we bought a waterproof camera and Allie wanted to use it to make a video for a video-making class she was taking. I was packing for vacation and I just didn't need one more thing on my plate. I wanted to just wait til we got to the beach to sit down, relax and figure the thing it. Then, it dawned on me:

She's 12! She can figure it out!

I had a moment of guilt, like I wasn't doing my job. I should stop everything and read the directions for this camera even if it meant I was packing at midnight. Then I thought, "this is silly, she's capable. I don't need to figure this out for her."

I told her to read the directions and figure it out for herself.

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