Stepping Away from Your Blog

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Sassymonkey explains in a fantastic post why she took a step back from her blog and why she is stepping up to it again. A feeling of discomfort over being too connected moves her away from the screen, but it's also a discomfort of feeling unconnected -- of not using her voice -- that moves her back towards writing. Keeping her tagline in mind ("sometimes I ramble"), she returns to writing for writing's sake. For recording a life.

Things had changed. I had outed myself. Kinda. When I moved to Ottawa I met a lot of people who knew me only online and then met me in person. I got a local job through my social media connections. The people I worked with knew I wrote. Every now and then someone would comment that they had read something or other and it was… disconcerting. I felt exposed.

My real name got out there more. I had been hiding behind a pseudonym online for years. Suddenly I was Googleable. It was a little bit scary.

Have you ever stepped away from your blog? What brought you back?

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