Storms of life

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Do you ever find yourself asking God "Why, Lord Why?" I know I have done my share of questioning in my lifetime.  Recently, I learned that a friend from high school delivered a sweet baby boy.  Perfect in every way.  Three days later on her Facebook status she asked for prayer because her baby wasn't feeling well.  The next morning I found out her 4 day old baby boy had died.  My heart just broke when I saw this news.  I was literally sick to my stomach thinking what this sweet family must be going through...I mean...can you imagine losing your baby just days after his arrival...or losing a child at any moment for that matter.  I can't wrap my head around it.  Why would the Lord allow that kind of tragedy to happen?  Why didn't He prevent it from occurring?  Why didn't He just not give them a baby to begin with...why take it away after such a short time together?  The questions just poured out as I began to search for som

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