A Story About Pig Farming

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Whether or not you are one of the tens of people reading this who are considering becoming pig farmers, you may want to read this funny-but-desperate post about getting started in the pig biz:

"JR rushed home from work, we loaded her into a crate, put her in the back of his truck - which we named The Pig-bulance - and drove an hour north from our home to Tufts Large Animal Veterinary Hospital where the very talented and very nice doctors kept asking us, "Sooooo, is she a pet?"
"Nope. She's not a pet."
"And you still want the surgery?"
"Yep. We still want the surgery."
You see, aside from being JR's Christmas gift (and who wants to tell the story of their Christmas gift bleeding out a month after it arrives on your property, even if you are an adult?), these two pigs, Prudence and Rebecca, represent the start of our small-scale pig farming enterprise. They are the Founding Mothers, a pair of Gloucestershire Old Spots, an endangered breed, with fewer than 200 breeding stock of their kind in the United States. We had to save her."




Image credit: Just chaos via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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