A Mother Is as Strong as She Needs to Be

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[Editor's Note: I make jokes with my husband that women carry the babies because men aren't strong enough to do so. He laughs and calls me Spaghetti Arms, which is a true statement, and we laugh together. The truth is that mothers are extremely strong -- because we have to be -- but you don't really know how strong you are until you're in the thick of parenting. That birthing stuff seems like a paper cut compared to some of the other stuff you encounter as your kids grow. High Heeled Mama recently wrote about the strength that moms have and display at various points in time. What's been your strongest mom moment over the years? -Jenna]

The Strength of a Mother:

Mei tai baby carrier, forward facing baby, in front carryWhen I was first pregnant, I worried I wouldn't be able to handle the icky factor of parenting. The diapers. The snot. The vomit. The blood.

I found I was quickly desensitized. The serious injuries tend to keep me focused - assess the damage, stop the bleeding, make the trip to the children's ER for stitches. I am always surprised at how calm I am in those situations. The moments after, not so much, but when action needs to be taken, I have been able to take it.

Even the gross stuff is dealt with quickly. After a recent temper tantrum gone too long resulted in me wearing my two-year old's just consumed dinner, the hubby and I had the clothes in the wash, sheets changed, kid in the tub, clean jammies on, Resolve on the carpet, extra squirt of Purell on the hands and Lysol sprayed on all surfaces all within a matter of 15 minutes so I could get back to calming the little guy with a story.

She continues on beyond the puke and the gunk of parenting and gets real about the incredible strength of mothers.

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