On the Striking Teacher with the Coach Bag

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I, too, know nothing of the Chicago teacher's strike. I, too, have buried my head against it and thanked my lucky stars it's not happening in Kansas City. But like Voices of the Year reader Dresden driving her Cadillac while on welfare (watch the video of her here), the teacher holding the Coach bag may have received it in any manner of ways -- about all of which we know nothing. Tabatha encapsulates this argument beautifully in her post.

In response to that tweet, she writes:

Because you know what? One of the most crass, classless, and and selfish things you can do is judge someone's book by their cover. More specifically, to act as if someone could not possibly be struggling because they happen to own nice things, or to chastise someone for striving for nice things because they currently are in a rough spot, well, that just makes you look heartless. And god forbid you, shade thrower, ever end up in rough times and you have someone look at you and your wedding bands or your designer purse or your iPhone and have them tell you that you don't deserve those things because you're temporarily poor and that means you get no nice things ever, because you're not embodying that person's stereotype of struggling, lest you come to know what it feels like to be chastised for clinging to the reminders of better times and the hopes for them to return and have to make hard choices that most people never have to fathom.

See the picture referenced on Tabatha's blog.

striking teachers

(Credit Image: © E. Jason Wambsgans/MCT/ZUMAPRESS.com)

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