SuChin Pak Talks about Her Struggle with Identity and Beauty

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[As MTV’s first Asian correspondent, SuChin Pak broke barriers for young women everywhere. Even so, the Korean-born Pak felt inadequate because she didn’t fit Western standards of beauty. Now a correspondent for Daily Candy, Pak recently did a moving interview with Anna at Feministing. Be sure to read it and then share it with your daughter. --Mona]

I think struggling with self acceptance is a completely normal thing that every girl deals with…it doesn’t matter if your Korean or Guatemalan. I did a documentary called My Life (Translated) for MTV which told the stories of American teens in immigrant families dealing with universal issues…dating, body image, college and every culture has their own set of values that create a different standard of normal. For me, my standard of beauty was Cindy Crawford and I couldn’t be farther away from that.

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