The 'No Gays Allowed' Prom

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After absorbing the details of a story out of Indiana, one blogger digs deep, offering up some startling observations about one town's decision to pro-actively exclude some kids from an annual tradition:

Each time I meet someone who is an LGBT ally, this huge wave of relief washes over me and I am pleasantly surprised. My upbringing, and the environment where I was raised trained me to assume that everyone was naturally against homosexuality...Thankfully that is shifting in our culture here in the U.S., but some places seem a little bit... stuck in their old ways.

Take Sullivan High School, for example, in Sullivan, Indiana.

A prime example of the true nature of "hoosier hospitality" (I'm beginning to think they're only hospitable to white, straight, christian folk?). A group of students, parents, teachers and local ministers have come together to propose a separate "traditional prom" for their students, one that specifically bans gay students from attending...


Image: Al Shah Mohamed via Flickr


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