Do You Unplug on Vacation?

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Editor's Note: To unplug or deal with your email inbox while on vacation -- that is the question. Dr. Stephanie debates whether or not to turn off your cell phone in a recent blog post. I've done it both ways: shut out the outside world for a few days or spent a little time each day triaging email.  I have to admit that I've found that the least stressful vacation was one where I responded quickly to time-sensitive emails but then organized the rest of my inbox at the end of the day so that emails that could wait were shunted into a "respond when I get home" label.  It made my inbox look neat (which saved my sanity upon return to the real world), but it freed my time to relax on vacation.  And then I attacked that folder when I got home. --Mel

Are vacations better if they are completely un-plugged? Is it even possible? Will my vacation be more beneficial if I don’t check my email, voicemail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond?

What about when I return: Will the re-entry to my “real” life be more difficult if I have a week or two worth of messages waiting for me?

What about you?  Do you unplug completely on vacation, or do you triage your inbox so you don't have a week of messages waiting for you to take care of when you get home?


Image: Michael Saechang via Flickr

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