How to Write a Book Review?

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[Editor's Note: I've received a lot of bad pitches in my time as a book blog and many authors have passed on what they believe to be helpful advice for the best way to talk about their books. I'll confess that I generally ignore their advice. This is the first time I've heard of a blogger being given a "how to" guide on writing a review with their review copy. What would you think of receiving such instructions from the author of the book you are reviewing? -- Karen]

How to Write a Book Review

I was the only book blogger present, but even though books aren't their focus, some of the others at the table get pitched book reviews occasionally too. One of the women recently received a review copy that was accompanied by some promotional/press information, as they sometimes are; this one included an insert on how to write a book review for your blog. And not just any book review, mind you, but an "Attention Grabbing" one. She was generous enough to pass that document along to me, and I thought I'd share some highlights. I'm not going to identify the book for reasons that should become apparent (and because I declined the pitch I received for it myself), but I do thank Kim Tracy Prince for the blog fodder!

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These tips for writing an "attention-grabbing book review" were sponsored and provided by the book in question and its author.

Identify the Subject, Scope, and Type of Book--this includes stating the title, author, genre, and general focus of the book.

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