Why It's Important to Show Your Kids Boredom

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Editor's Note: You show your children a wealth of emotion every single day. Love. Compassion. Anger. Patience. The list is endless. So what do you think the most important emotion you show your child is? Suchada at Mama Eve challenges our thought process that usually delves straight to the answer of "love" with her answer: boredom. Learn why. -Jenna

The Surprising Emotion You Need to Show Your Children Every Day:

Love is a strong emotion. It’s earth-shattering. It’s overwhelming. It’s an emotion that sweeps us off our feet and turns our world upside down.

Like many of the emotions associated with parenthood, it doesn’t convey stability, safety, security, and confidence — even though we think the sheer strength of our love should do this.

So what can we give our children every day to cultivate stability, safety, security, and confidence?


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