Survival Tips: Holidays at the Office

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The holidays can be a source of work stress well beyond the impending office parties, personal commitments, and seasonal activities. Let us not forget that holidays (which magically also come at fiscal year-end for most) can create a whole new level of madness. You've got folks rushing around to get it all done while others have already mentally checked out for the holiday. Here's a survival guide for this time of contrasts.

I was in the restroom when the Administrative Assistant came in and hung her head down by the sink. We talked, and it seems that she is having a hard time with all the ways people handle an approaching holiday. You have the people who are:

- Trying to get everything done before everyone is MIA for a few days, so they are stressed and going 100 miles per hour
- Ready for the short week to end, so they can relax. They are already in that holiday mode, so they are not doing a thing
- Already not here, and there are things you need them to do

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